This is war

Ukrainian soldiers who defended Donetsk Airport in 2014 for 242 days under heavy attacks of Russian military were named Cyborgs for being made of steel to do what they did. A photo from BBC Ukraine (
An illustrational frame from the movie “Don’t look UP”

24.02.2022 05:13

My wife woke me up with a phrase I will remember for the rest of my life.

Kyiv looked just like on the old photos from World War II — anti-tank fortifications, people in uniform with weapons, military vehicles, checkpoints, destroyed buildings
Postage stamp in the honor of the heroes of the Snake Island who did not give up

Masks down

The war brought a lot of tragedies, personal and global. But there is one single relief it brought — it put all masks down. From the fall of Soviet Union, after all the terrors of it and lies, people has forgotten their history, started to believe that we are all related nations and Ukraine and Russia are like cousins. So Ukrainians always treated Russians as friends. Yes, there were some frictions in politics, but mostly people didn’t pay much attention to it. Soviet Union taught us not too pay attention to politics and it became a matter of survival. Perhaps in the West of Ukraine there were more people who remembered. In 2014 Ukrainians already has decided that we want to develop closer relations with Europe, and when our president tried to steal it from us for no particular reason — people organized a demonstration to show that we do not agree. When the president decided that he can just beat them up to silence— we did not blindly accepted it. Yanukovych was a typical Soviet member of a party. An autocrat. He wanted to be the third one in the group of Putin and Lukashenko, keeping people in fear and obedience by force. But we were not broken and scared as we were half a century ago anymore. We healed over time. So we started a revolution against a dictator in his origin.

Maidan square during the Revolution of Dignity started from people standing up for young students beaten up by police against the law that turned into violent conflict when police used guns against protestants
The same Donetsk Airport destroyed by Russia in 2014
An illustration by Mariia Loniuk



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